The opportunity to visit the South Pole and visit the emperor penguin colony in the interior of the continent, surrounded by luxury: flight to Antarctica on a private Gulfstream 550 jet and accommodation in the most luxurious and remote camp on the planet.


Date Duration Rate
1 dec — 9 dec 2024 9 days $ 92 500
8 dec — 16 dec 2024 9 days 92 500
15 dec — 23 dec 2024 9 days 92 500
5 jan — 13 jan 2025 9 days $ 92 500


Route map


Arrival in Cape Town

You must arrive in Cape Town two days before your scheduled flight to Antarctica. There will be a mandatory safety briefing the day before departure to ensure you have all the necessary equipment to visit Antarctica.

Free time in Cape Town for sightseeing. Cape Town is a beautiful city with a huge number of attractions and entertainment.


Day 1. Flight to Antarctica

The flight from Cape Town takes place on a luxurious Gulfstream 550 aircraft with a capacity of 12 passengers. On board you will be offered meals, snacks and drinks. The approximate flight time to Antarctica is 5 hours, the total flight range (one way) is 4,150 km. 

You arrive at Wolf's Fang Airstrip. Upon arrival, you will transfer to a smaller Basler DC3 aircraft designed for domestic flights. A short 25-minute flight will take you closer to camp. After disembarking from the aircraft, you will be transferred to Whichaway camp in a specially modified 4x4 vehicle within 15 minutes. Camp Whichaway is one of the most remote luxury camps on the planet.


Day 2: Camp Whichaway

Depending on weather conditions, our guides will offer you a choice of several excursions and activities that can be done from the camp. If you do not want to participate in excursions, you can spend time in our camp lounge or library. If the weather conditions are favorable, you can hike to the Schirmacher Oasis, explore stunning ice tunnels, and see a colony of Adelie penguins.


Day 3. Flight to the emperor penguins

The flight to the emperor penguin colony in Atka Bay will take about 2.5 hours. According to the rules, the plane will land no closer than 1 km from the colony, so you will need a little time to walk to the colony. Being so close to the colony is truly one of the most exciting experiences! You will spend as much time in the colony as the weather permits. Snacks and hot drinks will be available during your stay.

Return to camp.


Day 4. Camp Whichaway

Continuation of active adventures around the camp. If possible, visit a nearby research station.


Day 5. South Pole

First we will fly to the FD83 fuel station to refuel the aircraft (flight duration is about 5 hours). Refueling takes approximately 1 hour, during which time you will be offered hot drinks and light snacks. After refueling we will continue to the South Pole and it will take us another 2 hours to reach the geographical point of the South Pole (90°).

You can spend about 3 hours at the South Pole. The Amundsen-Scott American research station is located near the South Pole. There is a souvenir shop here that you can visit.

After flying to the South Pole aboard Basler, you will return to the FD83 fuel station. We will camp here for the night and for you it will be an additional adventure, the experience of spending the night in tents in Antarctica in the conditions in which real explorers usually live. The stop takes about 10-12 hours, accommodation will be organized in spacious tents designed for two people. 

After breakfast, Basler will fly back to our camp. 4.5 hours after departure, you will find yourself in our cozy camp, where you will be greeted with champagne and celebrate reaching the South Pole.


Day 6-7. Camp Whichaway

You will have time to relax after your flights. If you wish, you can attend scientific lectures about Antarctica or take part in small expedition trips around the camp. Also, these days are reserve days if, due to weather conditions, it is not possible to fly to the emperor penguin colony and the South Pole according to the preliminary schedule.


Day 8. Cape Town

Flight to Cape Town.


Please note: the camp is located on the most isolated and windiest continent on the planet. We will make every effort to follow the stated schedule, but be prepared for program changes due to weather conditions! Don't plan anything important for about a week after your scheduled return.

Each program participant is required to complete a confidential medical form and obtain mandatory medical insurance that covers emergency evacuation.

We will provide you with a detailed description of the necessary equipment, including clothing, and answer all your questions that arise during the preparation. At your request, we are ready to offer you an additional program in South Africa. 

Date Duration Rate
1 december — 9 december 2024 9 days $ 92 500
8 december — 16 december 2024 9 days 92 500
15 december — 23 december 2024 9 days 92 500
5 january — 13 january 2025 9 days $ 92 500



Included in the price:

  • Briefing before departure to Antarctica
  • Transfers to/from the airport before charter flights
  • Charter flight Cape Town - Antarctica - Cape Town
  • All scheduled flights within Antarctica (subject to favorable weather conditions)
  • Hot meals in the camp and drinks
  • Celebration of reaching the South Pole
  • Services of experienced expedition personnel
  • Active programs with a guide in the camp
  • Accommodation at the camp

Not included in the price:

  • International flights to/from Cape Town
  • Food and accommodation in South Africa
  • All transfers not specified in the program
  • Personal equipment and clothing
  • Additional costs associated with delayed flights from Cape Town or Antarctica
  • Telephone communication in Antarctica
  • Compulsory medical insurance with coverage for evacuation from remote, hard-to-reach places
  • Additional program in South Africa